Nursery Mural Ideas to Enhance Your Baby’s Space

While the nurseries of the past may have been all about softness and subtlety, there’s something to be said for a large nursery statement piece. And if you’re looking for something a little bolder than nursery artwork (not necessarily with the uniformity of nursery wallpaper), a nursery mural could be an excellent way to make a splash in your baby’s room! From modern to classic, wild to understated, here are some of our favorite nursery mural ideas.

Fairy Tale Landscape Nursery Mural

This whimsical fairy tale mural is an integral part of a childhood dream. It doesn’t remind people of any one particular story, but rather an accumulation of castles and fairies, hot air balloons, and secret passages that bring magic and wonder to the nursery and offer many exciting elements for the little eye to explore.

Minimalist Landscape Nursery Mural Concept

The Scandinavian-style nursery mural keeps things simple, creating a soothing scene in the nursery that feels warm, cozy, and sublime.

Vroom Vroom, Beep Beep Baby Room Mural

Cars, trucks and moving things! This city street kindergarten mural is like a road map of childhood built on fun… What could be better than that?

Epic Hand-Painted Nursery Mural Ideas

If you’re good at using paintbrushes, or are thinking of hiring a professional artist to bring your mural dreams to life, check out the amazing inspiration for the baby’s over-the-top room.

Pink Paradise Nursery Mural

This eye-catching mural by Pottery Barn Kids is stunningly designed and will create a dramatic effect in your baby’s room. Check out more of our pink nursery ideas!

A Modern Masterpiece Nursery Mural

Whether you’re buying a pre-made nursery mural or opening a paint can yourself, an abstract look is a novel way to decorate!

Silhouette Mountain Nursery Mural

The idea was all over the web, and we loved it. Create an oasis of calm and a sense of nature with the simple shape of mountains that stretch into the distance.

Animals on the Mural of Wild Animals and Baby Jungle Nursery

Safari nurseries are always fun, and if you’re looking for androgynous and need a cool theme to draw on, it’s a great option. This hand-painted hunting mural creates a lovely adventure in your baby’s room.

Waves Nursery Mural

The beautiful sea lays the foundation for the childhood bedroom, which will carry memories and joy… It’s so deep you can’t even imagine. Decorate your baby’s room with a watery miracle wall and inspire creative play for years to come. (If you don’t want to paint one, Minted has this appliquéd wave mural available for sale…)

Whimsy and Miracle Nursery Murals

Mythical creatures and scattered stars are absolutely certain for a special space for babies. The pastel grays and pinks shown here are lovely, but any color palette can be manipulated to take this concept to the next level and make your pouch a reality.

Rainbow Decal Nursery Mural

Rainbow Nursery is both popular and absolutely timeless. Anewall’s peel-and-stick wall decal murals are easy to install and aesthetically pleasing. This watercolor rainbow is the most popular, but there are plenty of amazing options to browse the selection on site. (Check out more Rainbow Nursery inspiration here!)

Bold Rainbow Nursery Mural

If the watercolor route is too subtle for you, try a bold hand-drawn design, like this sunny nursery mural!

Storybook Bio Nursery Mural Wallpaper

Consider stunning decorative walls with Etsy murals with timeless designs like storybook-style woodland animals and greenery.

Abstract Landscape Nursery Mural

Its theme is loose, but it feels softer than the standard nature scene. Whether you’re pregnant with a little boy or a little girl, this bohemian landscape mural is perfect for a nursery.

Walk into the Woods Nursery Mural

If you prefer a more sharp nature scene, check out these ethereal trees. The watercolor-like look of this nursery mural gives the space a hand-crafted feel, but it doesn’t have to take long to tear off if you use an easy-to-install wall decal (like this one).

Simple Sunrise Nursery Mural

The bold semi-circular mural is now popular in bohemian décor, not least because of its striking resemblance to the rising sun. Whether you buy a decal or draw it yourself (you can draw the shape in advance with a string and pencil, protractor style), this modern and simple idea will be beautiful in a nursery.

Stunning Nursery Floral Mural

Who said that floral flowers must be delicate and feminine? These gorgeous wallflowers are the perfect blend of boldness and sophistication.

Life Is a Bubble Nursery Mural

Minted has fun with this soft whimsical wall painting! Beautiful, soft bubbles bring a unique visual treat to the room of a baby girl or boy.

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