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Children’s books are one of the sweetest parts of the early years, so once you announce your pregnancy, don’t be surprised if you’re inundated with children’s literature! Don’t get us wrong, the more books, the better. But to reduce confusion, it’s important to create a space to showcase these special stories. That’s where these toddler bookshelves come in! Not only does a nursery bookcase provide a much-needed nursery storage solution, but it can also be an integral part of nursery d├ęcor! From floating bookshelves to themed nursery bookcases, here are some of our favourite nursery bookshelves…

Dollhouse Nursery Bookshelf

Photos and purchases:Crate & Barrel

Dollhouse nursery bookcases are trending right now, and you might be lucky enough to get a second-hand bookcase on Facebook Marketplace for less than $100 to repaint and decorate for your child. The more modern version is this Plexiglas version, which gave us all the eyes of the heart. Either way, a dollhouse bookcase is a great transition piece for a nursery as it can be used to store books and trinkets in the early years and later to play with dolls.

Stylish Nursery Bookshelves

Photo and purchase: West Elm

A not-so-cute, mature-looking bookcase is a great choice for a nursery, and it has a long lifespan. We love the style, with a crossbar on the front to secure books and make it easy for busy parents to clean up.

Easy-to-Use Bookshelves for Toddlers

Photos and purchases:Crate & Barrel

Involve your baby in reading activities and keep your organisational stress to a minimum, use a low nursery book storage solution that allows you to dump your baby’s books after story time or playtime, and encourage them to participate in the selection and cleaning up of their own books.

Tree Nursery Bookcase

Photos and purchases:Fawn and Forest

It’s almost impossible not to exclamate “oh” and “ah” when you see this absolutely adorable parenting bookcase from Fawn and Forest. The majestic tree shape is perfect for nature-themed nurseries, offering parents countless creative ways to store books on the branches.

Leaning Nursery Bookshelves

Photo and purchase: Pottery Barn Kids

Paranoid parents are happy! For those of us who are concerned about the risk of feral children and falls, the answer is there. While all the furniture in the baby’s room should be bolted or otherwise secured in place, this baby bookcase itself is designed to prevent such incidents from happening. It also looks very cute.

Elephant Nursery Bookshelves

Photos and purchases: Crate & Barrel

The stunning animal-shaped bookcase is a very cute nursery nursery (especially if you’re renovating a hunting-themed nursery!). This elephant nursery bookcase looks absolutely precious and can hold up to a ton.

Floating Nursery Bookshelves

Photo and purchase: Etsy/PinguWood

Floating bookshelves like these can be a beautiful way to display books (or artwork) in any room of the house, but they’re especially cute in a baby’s room. There are many options for hanging bookshelves in nurseries, from acrylic to metal to wood; You can even smartly make your own from scratch with the help of Pinterest or YouTube. This Etsy handmade set is perfect for a baby’s room.

Stack-Up Nursery Bookshelf Cubes

Photo: Project Nursery

This versatile stacking solution is very cute for a nursery; Its blocky appearance gives it a baby-friendly feel, and when the baby arrives, you can think less about keeping books and toys within easy reach, but without much structure.

Rainbow Nursery Bookshelf

Photo: StudioDIY

Take your floating nursery bookshelf to another colorful level with rainbow bookshelves. Use all the colors in the spectrum, as shown here, or stick to some colors that work with your color scheme. Either way, the results are bold and brilliant (buy a rainbow ledge rack here and see more rainbow nursery inspiration here!)

Nursery Bookcase & Dresser Combo

Photo and purchase: Pottery Barn Kids

Being a parent is all about multitasking… So why not create a beautiful and functional bookshelf for your baby’s nursery bookshelf? A powerful, sturdy cabinet system with doors, drawers, and more to store everything stylishly and effortlessly. Over time, as your baby grows into a toddler, an older child, and then a teenager, the ratio of books to clothes or toys changes. This is one of the investments in a nursery and is definitely worth it because it will continue to accommodate him or her in various ways as the child grows.

Create a Nursery Book Cart

Photo: homedit

Our favourite sweet and versatile IKEA utility cart is perfect for general nursery storage; We see them used as diaper stations, room-toy cars, and later as art cars for older kids. Consider using one of these affordable multi-purpose strollers to stack your baby’s books in style.

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