TOLDINA, A Playful Chair Inspired by an Awning

Nimio – the company behind the Toldina collection – has a story and a soul in each of its collections. Founder Francesco used all his love and talent to create stunning wooden furniture, full of life and a special spirit.

Toldina is a collection of lounge chairs and rocking chairs, made of beech or pine structures and fabrics, reminiscent of parasols and all the concepts associated with them: summer, heat, sun, ice cream, fun, beach, friends… Outstanding design and quality turn these pieces into the “personal touch” that every space needs. The simple aesthetic and colorful textiles make them suitable for every mood, don’t you think?

The collection includes furniture for both children and adults, so you can choose a small chair for the play area or children’s room, or the largest chair for you (you won’t be able to resist!).

There are many options: chairs, lounge chairs, armchairs, rocking chairs, rocking chairs… Of course, there are many colors: white, yellow, gray, orange, red… Combine them to create the most stunning, colorful house!

The MINI RC Kids Edition is a small rocking chair version designed for children and is perfect for use in the playroom. You can choose between different colour combinations: BEACH (turquoise + white/yellow), PIRATE (white/red + dark grey), CITRUS (mandarin + lemon), and MANGOBERRY (mango + salmon).

We believe that once these pieces arrive, the joy of summer will be all over the house! While you and your kids relax in these comfy chairs, forget about the rain and the cold weather! Let the sun in!

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