Vynil Carpet Designed by Menudoscuadros

We all know that rugs are an important element in children’s atmospheres. They are both part of the décor and a great play area for them. They protect the floor and give a different touch to the room. There are many options for carpets, but today we want to talk about vinyl carpets, because there are many reasons to choose them. What’s the best thing about them? Menudoscuadros offers vinyl world maps and alphabetic models that are very educational.

Easy-to-Clean and Hard-Wearing Vinyl Carpets

Traditional rugs can get dirty, and so can vinyl rugs, but one of their biggest advantages is that they are easy to clean. You can wipe them with mild soap. Traditional rugs may require specific cleaning tasks, while these rugs are more durable.

Your child will be able to play on them, because even in the worst case, with just a wet rag, they will be transformed into what they were.

Non-slip and Hypoallergenic

Speaking of their advantages, these kids vinyl rugs are non-slip. Many carpets (depending on their material and the floor they are placed on) can be slippery. In the case of vinyl, this does not happen because it is perfectly fixed to the floor – no matter what material it is made of. In addition, vinyl is very thin, so it does not create wrinkles that would make us bump into it. Best of all, the Menudos Cuadros rug is non-slip on both sides.

In addition, they are ideal for people with dust mite allergies, as Menudos Cuadros carpets are chemical-free and printed with eco-friendly inks.

A Race-Friendly Carpet

It is clear that carpet protects the floor. If our floors are easily damaged, carpets are always the most suitable solution, especially in children’s rooms with a lot of daily activities. The carpet will be transformed into a play area where they can also learn more about our planet. It doesn’t take them 80 days to travel the world because they can do it in their own room. In addition, there are a variety of colors to choose from, so it can be adapted to the décor of the room.

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