Retro Looking Toys for Kids

There are tons of products to choose from, but if you want to add toys to your d├ęcor, we recommend some children’s gifts that will fit perfectly into a vintage room. Fall in love with every suggestion and make the kids love it too. The game will become traditional and educational.

A Corner for Cooking or Competition

Forget about gender stereotypes associated with toys. Nowadays, most toys can be considered unisex. We really enjoyed showcasing options that both girls and boys would love, such as the really popular wooden kitchen. There are multiple versions of these kitchens; Even IKEA has launched a Nordic version to match every home in the world. A wooden kitchen is the perfect way to enjoy eco-friendly games. Also, don’t forget that they really like to imitate adults.

Your son may be happy to be a great chef, while your daughter loves racing and the track. Yes, again, gender roles are outdated. One of the drawers is placed under the bed with its own wheels and can be turned into the most suitable track for the little ones. It’s the perfect way to keep your car and parts organized.

TEE-PEE, India

It’s a must. We’re seeing them in the prettiest houses on Instagram. If you don’t have one, add it to your wish list. These tee-pees create private spaces where children can be whoever they want.

Yes, Tee-pee is a special place for your child as adults are not allowed to enter. In addition, there are numerous models that we are sure to find your favorite. You can choose between a cute and restrained Scandinavian design or one of the colorful and adventurous versions.

Stylish Baby Walker

Baby walkers are great for kids. They are dynamic toys that help them take their first steps (and races). There are a lot of different versions, but we prefer those with a retro look, such as this fun F1 car.

The best thing about these models (this one from Maison Du Monde) is that they look great in every room. They automatically turn into another ornament that adds a wonderful aesthetic touch to every corner.

Wooden House

Wooden houses are always in fashion, although the ones that are decorated nowadays are not the most popular. For a minimalist house, straight lines are the key to decoration.

Not only that, but the cool Instagram account also showcases the natural wood in each dollhouse, as natural wood is the most popular material right now.

Wood as a Favorite Material

Traditional toys are made of wood, so retro-style toys also use wood as well as educational methods such as Montessori. This material can convey their feelings because they are still small.

As a result, wood can be seen in widgets such as cameras, mobile phones, joysticks, or construction games. There are many options; You just need to choose the one that is appropriate for their age.

Fabric Toys

If wood is a must, then so is fabric. Plastic dolls were replaced by fabric and carpet toys. These toys are available everywhere and there are many different versions. Yes, they are more environmentally friendly, but they are also a better option for our little ones because they do not contain hazardous substances or small debris.

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