Toy Kitchen for Play and Decoration

Toy Kitchen is a classic toy! Who knows we’ll update them when we grow up? We’re focusing our attention on these cute wooden toy kitchen sets, like this one from Vtwonen, as they are the perfect addition to a child’s room. It’s unique and fun!

There Are Toy Kitchens Around Every Corner

Instagram brings a lot of inspiration for creating the perfect toy kitchen. These toys are very similar to real kitchens in that they contain every detail. It’s one of everyone’s favorite toys because kids love to imitate our actions – who knows? – Maybe one day they will become famous chefs! The best thing about wooden kitchens is that they can make a wonderful decoration when they’re not playing.

Old-Fashioned Toy Kitchen

Wooden toys are very popular and we love them! They are ecological, long-lasting, and help children develop their imaginations. These wooden toys show a special retro atmosphere. We found this on Instagram and it’s really beautiful, made of natural wood, all of these utensils seem to have been taken from the past!

This kitchen shows that simple things are stylish. A minimalist design without too many ornaments is key. If you like simple children’s rooms, you’ll love this kitchen on Instagram.

Scandinavian-Style Toy Kitchen

This children’s room, designed by Kinderkamerstylist, showcases a stunning wooden play space. The white wooden kitchen is reminiscent of the purest Nordic style, but beyond that, there is some storage furniture and a matching forest cottage. It’s a stunning games room, based on Scandinavian décor where wood is the center of attention.

Special Toy Kitchen

We can’t finish this article without mentioning the tons of details of these special toy kitchens. This is one of the kitchens created by Macarena Bilbao. The handmade toys she makes are so beautiful that you can’t bear to use them! We really liked them because of all these little details. If you like these vintage prints, you can find them at the Menudos Cuadros children’s picture store.

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