6 Beautiful Unisex Dollhouses

What little girl wouldn’t love a dollhouse? It’s not just girls, we think a lot of boys will love it too. Whether you’re a boy or a girl, doll houses are imaginative games. We love that they are toys that grow with your child.

Many children may have owned the same dollhouse since they were three years old and are still playing with it five years later. There aren’t many toys that last so long. Once they’re finally done playing with it, it’s the perfect toy to put away and pass on to the grandchildren. What a special gift it would be.

We went looking for some of the most beautiful unisex wooden doll houses that make a lovely Christmas gift or just a gift for any time of the year. Each doll house has something special and something to suit every budget. The doll house shown above is not only stunning for its simplicity, but we love that it can be mounted on the wall. This makes it easier to play with, and when it’s no longer playing, it turns into a handy storage shelf.

Here are some of our favorite unisex dollhouses:

If the budget is anything but that’s fine, this is the ultimate oversized dollhouse. At nearly 1.3m tall, he is taller than most kids! It opens on all sides and can be used by many children to play at the same time. We like that it comes with wheels so it can be easily moved from room to room.

For something smaller but just as beautiful, we love this Jordi House. We liked the design, it looked like a house drawn by a child, and it was very portable. That’s why it’s called “Holdie House”–grab it and go!

This is another beautiful and very affordable dollhouse. It comes in flat packaging, so kids can even help “build” it. The makers of this dollhouse also sell the furniture inside. If your child wants color, they can easily paint or decorate the house with wallpaper.

This is probably the easiest of all the dollhouses on our list, which is why we love it. The simple, sleek design is imaginative, and it’s a design that never goes out of style. It can also be painted, but we like natural wood.

For the last one, we have this beautiful dollhouse made of wooden boxes. It was created for the museum by an artist named Lucy May Schofield. Although you can’t buy this dollhouse, we wanted to include it because we think it’s a great inspiration for all those who want to create their own. We like the idea of using a wooden crate or box as a room, and with this idea, you can choose large or small according to your preference.

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