6 IKEA PLAY Kitchen Hacks You’ll Want to Make Today

We’re big fans of IKEA, and not just because of their furniture. IKEA also produces some very stylish toys, and one of our favorite toys is the duktig toy kitchen. It’s a modern game kitchen in wood and white, and we love it as it is. But we also love the potential to customize this kitchen to make it even more special and unique for your child.

There are a lot of amazing duktig hacks out there, so it’s hard to pick our top 6. But one of our absolute favorites is the beautiful kitchen shown at the top. We loved the vintage wallpaper as well as the rose gold handles, faucets and all the cutlery were also rose gold. How beautiful is this kitchen and how easy to rebuild? We also loved the corners they created and all the flowers and leaves on top of the kitchen looked gorgeous too.

While we like the top one, we’ve also found plenty of others to inspire you. From modern monochrome to antique brass accents, the Duktig Hack has something for every taste. Here are the rest of our picks:

For a completely different look, we love this modern monochrome version of the game kitchen. The details are fantastic – the wooden ball handle is so cute and we love the idea of adding a chalkboard to the front. Black sinks and faucets add to the modernity of this kitchen.

How elegant does this mint green and copper kitchen look? We love this color combination as well as the addition of cooking knobs. They even made a tea towel to match the kitchen.

Many adults will be happy to own a gray-green kitchen like this one, complete with marble countertops and antique brass fixtures and fittings. To further simplify the design, they removed the top of the kitchen, making it look very small but still have a lot of potential.

The wooden countertops in the kitchen always look beautiful with the white countertops, but for that extra touch, we love the gold accents and updated handles. Let’s not forget about the tile effect sputtering. A simple and stylish kitchen.

Pink, white and natural wood colours – what’s not to love? His toy kitchen is so simple and chic. We love the natural wood trim such as the wooden ball handle and the wooden knob. Everything in pink looks beautiful. A simple yet compelling hack.

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