Color Your Walls with These Fun Ideas!

Love to add a little color to your child’s room? The easiest, quickest, and most cost-effective way to add color is to simply paint the room. But for some of us, a single-color room can feel a bit boring. That’s why we love the whole idea of color blocks.

With color blocks, you can add one, two, three, or more colors. You can create patterns with paint. You can paint part of the wall or even part of the ceiling. The possibilities for creativity are endless, and like in the room above, you can see three pastel colors in the geometric pattern. We like the way the color is further enhanced by the white stripe in the middle.

So, for those who want to liven up their walls, we’ve rounded up some more interesting and unusual color-block ideas. You can change the color or even the design at any time, but these rooms are sure to inspire you to paint:

The soft blue paint in the corners brings a simple, minimal children’s room to life. Without this paint, the room may look a little bland, but as long as the corners are painted in a fun way, the room looks stylish, and the paint creates a focal point.

It’s always a good idea to use two different colored color blocks. We especially liked this room because of the scallop details on the walls. It breaks down the two colors perfectly and looks much more interesting than straight lines.

Color blocks aren’t just for walls. You can add a lot of drama to your child’s bedroom by painting the ceiling. We love the wide blue stripes on the ceiling, but hanging it down the wall and it feels almost like a roof. Playful and smart!

Similar to scallop walls, this is another fun way to combine two colors on one wall. The uneven zigzag pattern looks interesting and creates a very interesting wall for the children’s room.

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