5 Small Kids’ Rooms That Are Just Right

We may dream of living in a mansion with rooms the size of a football field. But for most of us, that’s not the case. We usually spend time in a family with at least one particularly small room, which is usually assigned to one of the children, usually the youngest. At least that’s always been the case in our family. Small children’s rooms are a reality for many of us, and decorating them can be challenging, especially since kids have so many things.

The good news is that those small bedrooms don’t necessarily mean compromise. It just means that you have to be more creative in planning your space so that you can get everything you need there. We found some nice little children’s rooms to do well and there were plenty of ideas to draw on. Take, for example, the room in the top picture – it’s small and narrow, but it’s still very distinctive. By painting the wall on the right in different colors, the illusion of two separate areas was created in this small space. It’s a simple idea that is easy to reproduce in any small room.

Here are some more small children’s rooms that are done right:

Not only is this room cramped, but the ceiling is sloping, which restricts the space even more. However, this room has everything needed. Cleverly built storage under the sloping ceiling, there’s even more storage next to the bed. The artwork and small wall decorations all add to the appeal of this small room.

This cozy little space is full of magic and charm. The idea of using a mattress placed under a locker in a small space is very convenient. The bed takes up a lot of space, so if you’re really tight on space, it’s best to just put a mattress because the kids like to sleep low anyway. This room also has plenty of storage space and cosy rug space to play with.

Sometimes we need to cramled two children into a small room. When there is not enough space for two beds, bunk beds are one of the best solutions. But bunk beds don’t always mean a big, bulky bed. On the contrary, we especially liked this room because they were very creative with the design of the bed, therefore, this small room had room to breathe and play.

A platform bed can save space in a small bedroom. We particularly like the idea of using basic kitchen cabinets to create a lot of storage space under the bed. Since the storage space is smaller, it is easy to reach no matter how small your child is. This bed looks great and ensures that there is room for everything without causing any clutter in this small bedroom.

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