Calm and Modern Plant-Themed Nursery

We’ve seen scenes like this in millions of movies: new parents are excited to complete their nursery room, and it never seems to go out of style! There’s a reason why this opportunity turns almost everyone into a creative and eager decorator, and it’s very special that this newcomer comes to his or her own space, and you can create that space to welcome them into the world. Not to mention the time you spend together! You might as well make it pretty.

We are still very excited every time we discover a new gorgeous children’s space created by a talented interior designer (what a great job, right?).  This time we’d like to share Deonne Rowland’s unique take on the theme of plants in the nursery – a soothing space designed to foster connection and rest.

Roland’s inspiration for this theme began with two very simple objects: the dandelion cross-stitch ring and the dandelion paperweight, which you can see hanging on the wall in the image below. From this simple floral pattern, she came up with the concept of creating a harmonious natural environment.

This relaxed atmosphere is carefully crafted by blending a minimalist approach to furniture (clean, slender lines, simple silhouettes) and sticking to base colors. Kalon Studios’ caravan crib is paired with a beautiful quilt from Camomile London to create a comfortable sleeping space.

Made in Japan, the phone is a simple, delicate structure of connected circles of different sizes – it always moves gently and creates an ever-changing circular shade on the green wall behind it.

Rowlands chose olive green because of its connection with nature, which is complemented by the soothing shades of light nude. In addition, there are brass and gold accents that add a bit of vintage flavor. Her belief is that you can deliver warmth and love in your nursery without having to default to the clichéd blue and pink theme – and she certainly proves her argument with this gorgeous example!

The baby will begin to learn Xi natural world is always present in this space, which will play a huge role in the development of his or her imagination. However, it is still subtle due to the simplicity and elegance of the chosen items.

From a simple dandelion that starts it all, to a delicately decorated swan, a few live plants combined with wallpaper overgrown with trees, or even a gorgeous bronze vintage leaf wreath, you could get lost in the beauty of every detail of this babyroom.

Finally, it is worth noting that, following the contemporary trend of keeping children’s spaces functional, this nursery is actually divided into three “zones”: a sleeping area, a changing area, and a feeding area. Finally, there is a delightful utility – a dimmable night light made of stylish brass that can be used when your baby is starting to fall asleep.

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