The Coolest Shared Rooms for Boys

Recently, we have introduced some gorgeous shared rooms for our sisters. Today it’s the brothers’ turn. Despite the special sisterhood, the relationship between the two brothers is just as strong. What could be more fun than growing up together and experiencing all sorts of naughty adventures in a shared room?

Even if you have enough bedrooms, we think it’s more fun to share a room between brothers. After all, having a partner in crime who does all sorts of antics at any time of the day and night is the best childhood memory.

To celebrate this special bond between brothers, we’ve picked out some of the coolest shared boys’ rooms. So, if you have two (or more) boys, these rooms are sure to inspire you. You’ll find a lot of ideas that can be stolen. First of all, our room is as shown in the picture above. Bunk beds are always a good idea for shared rooms as it saves space, but more importantly, it’s a lot of fun for younger children. In addition, this room shows us that the shared boys’ room does not always have to be blue. A mix of mustard with a bit of gray is a great color choice for a boy’s room.

Here are some cooler shared boy rooms to inspire you:

This is another room that uses mustard tones, but the décor of this room has a retro feel. We loved the vintage-style posters on the walls and the mix of mustard with blue bedding. Plus, aren’t those lion pillows the cutest touch? The matching beds work well together, but each boy clearly has his own side, which is marked by the different posters they choose.

It must be one of the funniest and happiest shared rooms we’ve ever encountered. We loved the whole bit and bit décor in this room, mixed with bright pops of color. Most people don’t choose a polka dot pattern for a boy’s room, but we can see that it works perfectly and adds a cheerful tone to the room. We also like the geometric wall stickers and the bright yellow headboard, which also offer storage space.

Sometimes boys do like blue and want a blue room. If this is the case in your home, we found this beautiful blue-grey shared boys’ room to inspire you. The whole room is painted in beautiful tones, which is both calm and cozy. Also, it’s a good idea to arrange the bed in an L-shape in a small room, as this maximizes floor space for play. We loved the little decorative details like the hot air balloon and the vintage dresser, which added to the charm of this room.

This may be the easiest of all the rooms, but there is still a lot to love about this room. Most of all, we love soft pink walls, because why can’t boys have pink walls too? Custom-made wooden beds are also great because they look great and save space, especially if you have room walls that are low and sloping.

Which room do you like best? Would you consider choosing a gray-pink color for your boys’ room?

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