OOH NOO, Special Toys for Unique Kids

Parents often look for the most special thing for their children, but when one of them is a designer, they don’t need to look, they just create. That’s basically the story of ooh noo. This brand doesn’t look for the coolest products for your kids, they just design them and bring them to life!

Meticulously handcrafted in the EU by a talented team and complete with bedding, decorations and toys, this collection will be the center of attention for us because they are simply stunning!

The toy collection showcases those wonderful traditional wooden toys, but they show a sophisticated and modern look that makes us fall in love and reminds us of Scandinavian style with basic shapes and neutral colors.

Rocking horses, stuffed animals, wooden blocks…… All of them have a spirit of dreams and imagination that can help children build their own wonderful universe Xi s as they want!

Their collection is constantly updated with eye-catching new designs, such as new letter blocks in neon pink. These wooden blocks will stimulate children’s imagination and creativity in bright tones. The youngest children can stack them, count them and learn to Xi their first letters. Fill all their games with neon pink fun!

We’re sure you’ll have a lot of quality time with them while teaching them how to spell their names, their favorite animals, or words they’ve invented themselves!

Don’t worry about saving all the blocks, this matching bag will be the perfect way to avoid losses. Take a look at their toy boxes on wheels that will help them carry all their toys organically.

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