Best Ikea Dollhouse Ideas

What kid doesn’t love a dollhouse? I think if I had a dollhouse, I would still play. There are some amazing dollhouses that you can buy out there, but I think making a dollhouse for your little girl or boy is much more personal. You can build one from scratch if you want, but today I’ve got something simpler for you. Just turn a piece of IKEA furniture into a dollhouse. Want to know how? Read on.

The beauty of IKEA furniture is that it can be remodeled in a variety of ways. The only limit is your imagination. While you can turn IKEA furniture into almost anything, today I’m going to share some of the best IKEA dollhouse tips. One of them takes a little time and effort to complete, while the others are so easy to do that you’ll wonder why you haven’t thought of it yet.

This smallest dollhouse is made with 2 IKEA Rast bedside tables. It is the perfect two-room villa for any doll in need of a stylish home. It’s the only project on our list that requires a little effort – but it’s well worth it. If you prefer something simpler, read on.

This IKEA hack doll house was a breeze for me. It doesn’t need to be made at all, just customize the interior of the Ivar cabinet. When it’s not being played, close the door and it disappears. This is ideal for your kitchen or living room.

Do you know the IKEA Stuva Kids collection? It’s a Stuva cabinet with a door that can be easily and quickly transformed into another charming dollhouse. The paper tape roof completes this dollhouse, effortless, but imaginative.

IKEA’s most famous piece of furniture has to be the Billy bookcase, which is the perfect piece of furniture to turn into a dollhouse or a theater like a fire station, as they do here. Billy bookcases fit a variety of combinations, so you can design your house the way you want. The dollhouse pictured above is also made of Billy’s bookcase, but it’s completely different from this dollhouse.

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