Coolest Bunk Beds Ever

Ask any child if they want a bunk bed and the answer is almost always a big, fat “yes”! Bunk beds are not only fun for kids, but also very practical. They save a lot of space, especially when you have a small room that has to be shared by 2 or 3 siblings, or even a room, because you can use the space below to put a table or other storage space. The only problem you’ll have is fighting for the top spot!

You can buy some beautiful bunk beds or you can customize your own. We especially like the idea of making your own because you can really make the most of the space you have, as you can see in the image at the top. They have created a great shared space that feels like a mini room by painting the area behind the top bed. So smart! Whether you choose to buy bunk beds or make your own, your kids will be happy and you can make the most of your space. We looked for some inspiring bunk bed spaces, and here are our top picks:

This bunk bed is clearly custom-made, and it suggests that the bed area could have a wardrobe and lots of storage space for the rest of the room to play with. They even have drawers built under the bed, perfect for toys that kids can easily reach.

It’s a triple bed designed by a mom for her kids. Sure, that mom is a designer, but wow! Such a beautiful and space-saving idea. The oak details really make this simple bunk bed stunning. Each bed has a shelf behind the pillow area (not visible in this picture), so each child can leave bedtime stuff nearby.

Of course, it’s not always possible to create a custom bunk bed for your child. When you need to buy a bed, we love this IKEA Kura bed, it has a wide range of possibilities. They have two beds here, and the area under one of the beds is set aside for a fun play space. The bed fits snugly in the corner, and the remaining space can be used for toys and fun stuff.

It’s a great idea – custom-made beds out of wooden boxes. We have to admit that the bed on the top floor would make us a little nervous as it looked almost hanging from the ceiling, but we were sure it was safe and it looked really cool. We liked that they didn’t feel the need to put one bed completely on top of the other, which gave the room a sense of space while still saving space.

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