Outstanding Wooden Rocking Toys for Small Children

Swing toys help develop a child’s sense of balance and strengthen the core. The rocking motion of these wooden toys soothes and calms and keeps kids entertained for hours. Another reason why swing toys have been a staple of children’s nurseries for hundreds of years is that kids absolutely love them.

Today we want to show you Rocking Monsters, a unique line of wooden swing toys for toddlers and little ones. The designers wanted to create swing toys that were safe, eco-friendly, and ergonomic. These monsters are very easy to assemble and durable (tested with a 150-pound adult!).

Each Rocking Monster has playful and fun shapes (sharks, octopuses, and ghosts) that provide a fun and safe gaming experience for kids. They are designed for children up to 3 feet tall, but any child can enjoy them as long as they sit comfortably.

The weight and body proportions of each monster are very balanced. Its shape adapts well to the active lifestyle of children. Every corner is rounded, and all surfaces are sanded, polished, and coated for impeccable smoothness. No abrasions or chips – guaranteed!

They use only eco-friendly products: solid birch plywood, food-grade mineral oil, and non-toxic paints and colorants. All materials are hypoallergenic and completely harmless to the human body.

These swing toys stand out for their bold, playful shapes. They are not the typical rocking horses that can be found everywhere. If you’re looking for a bold, fun toy for your child, take a look at their offerings.

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